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“our love affair with photography as an art” – by Mathew & Ariel Irving

This site aims to provide a place for all voices within the sphere of art and I love the work of Mathew and Ariel Irving.  It is a testament of their skill that when I had to choose just a few photographs from the many hundreds in their album, only a few felt suitable for publishing – the rest felt so personal and unique to someone else’s life.  I have invited them to share their story here because wedding photography has always held a fascination for me – especially the pressure of having to capture that “perfect” moment, to be preserved for a lifetime. -Beck

When Mathew and I met, we were both pretty proficient with an iPhone camera. We captured a good handful of giggly “selfies” and documented a myriad of hurried IOS snapshots while visiting a new place or at an important family event. We had fallen head-over-heals in love with each other – using pictures as a way to immortalize our new relationship – but we had not yet stumbled upon our love affair with photography as an art. Then, just three short years ago, Mathew found his second love. It was as swift as the Jane Austin brand of love, as all consuming as a young woman’s longing for the intelligent, stylish gentleman of her dreams. But this time, it was a man pining over large aperture capabilities and expensively dressed lens glass. And he reeled me in too… just after we were husband and wife, we had also become a ménage a trois: Bride, groom and camera. It has been that way ever since.

"Shoes" by Mathew & Ariel Irving

“Shoes” by Mathew & Ariel Irving

The Irving photography approach to capturing a wedding is about many things; romance, light, beauty. But most of all, we strive to capture the moments. As a wedding photographer, you just can’t afford to miss a single one. And the wonderful part of that necessity is the art that arises from it. Many photographers overlook the details that a bride and groom have painstakingly created over the span of months and months. But each of those details is a moment; a piece of art. Each detail created or selected by a bride and groom for their big day is a tiny representation of who they are and where they came from… what moves them. And with some whimsical backlighting, wedding details become magical. They have a life of their own, like The Velveteen Rabbit, just because he was loved so much.

"Bicycle Wedding" by Mathew & Ariel Irving

“Bicycle Wedding” by Mathew & Ariel Irving

Of course, the moments between people become works of art as well. On a wedding day, there are tears and laughter, kisses and hugs, letting go and creating anew. These are the human moments that create the most moving pieces of photographical art. When seen through an artist’s eye, when framed in artistic composition, and when brushed with nature’s art of light, these stills become timeless. Not only visually beautiful, but emotionally evoking. A representation of the feelings shared on one of the most wonderful days of a couple’s life together.

"Wandering" by Mathew & Ariel Irving

“Wandering” by
Mathew & Ariel Irving

"Sunflower" by Mathew & Ariel Irving

“Sunflower” by Mathew & Ariel Irving

Mathew and I began our relationship with touch screen snapshots, then we really fell in love. We fell in love with creating art together. Art that makes other couples smile for the rest of their lives. Sure, they probably have many a “selfie” on their iPhone reel but hanging their wall is a piece of artwork. An emotion captured… a split second of time that tells the story of their love.

"Stillness" by Mathew & Ariel Irving

“Stillness” by Mathew & Ariel Irving


Words and photography by:  Mathew and Ariel Irving

Twitter: @mathewirving


Editor: Beck @artistscribbles

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