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“ConArtists” – Showcasing the artworks of Julio Cesar Osorio and Louie McManus

Knowing how hard Julio has worked to get this project off the ground for over half a year – from finding a venue, to raising the funds – it is wonderful that the opening day is almost upon us!  I would urge everyone to visit this show, which serves to highlight how art can heal, provide solace and rehabilitate – and if you cannot be there, please help spread the word.  -beck @artistscribbles


Showcasing the artworks of Julio Cesar Osorio and Louie McManus


Selected works by former prisoners in the heart of London’s Law District: 11th June – 5th July 2015

Introducing Julio Cesar and Louie McManus – two former prisoners who learned their trade serving five and eleven year prison sentences in some of Britain’s most notorious jails.  The exhibited paintings portray a range of feelings: “internal conflicts, emotions and desires; all of which were experienced through incarceration.”

“It wasn’t until I’d reached the depths of despair that art entered my life and gave me the salvation I needed.” Julio Cesar Osorio

"Tree of Life" by Julio Cesar Osorio

“Tree of Life” by Julio Cesar Osorio

You can incarcerate a man’s body but not his mind.” – Julio Cesar Osorio

"Man Made Disasters" by Julio Cesar Osorio

“Man Made Disasters” by Julio Cesar Osorio

“An artist not afraid to share his inner most thoughts, feelings and emotions.” Dean Stalham, ‘Made Corrections’

"Childhood Memory" by Julio Cesar Osorio

“Childhood Memory” by Julio Cesar Osorio

“You can see from his work what a creative and resourceful individual Julio is, and also how, despite limited, cramped circumstances, a dedicated, resilient person can find a means to creating great art.”

Exhibition details and Invite



Twitter: @juliocesartist8

Julio Cesar Osorio’s Website:

Louie McManus’ Website:

Kickstarter Project for the Art Show

Art in Prison: “I cannot imagine how I would have coped without my art.” – Julio Cesar Osorio talks to artist

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