Art Diaries

“… to create an honest piece of art, there has to come an inner feeling…” -Dale Bissland

A continuation of the lyrical “Art Diaries” series by artist Dale Bissland …

"Glasgow Ghost Town" by Dale Bissland

“Glasgow Ghost Town” by Dale Bissland


This piece, which I’ve entitled “Glasgow Ghost Town”, is one of my more recent artworks, though an early piece for my journey into the genre of cityscape.

Growing up in a very rural, non-populated place has made the city and its life a very intriguing place to me, though in this piece I’ve deliberately cancelled the life out:   This, for just one day, is how I would like to experience the city.  The noise, the people, the smells – all serve as a huge distraction to really take in the achievements of man, the great architecture new and old, the layout of the city, the vastness of it, it all fascinates me greatly!

I speak in my post “Moonlight in Longrigend”[i] of aiming to capture a certain silence, I am doing the same thing here;  I am bringing what I know best into a very unfamiliar territory.  The silence is what I am used to.  It is what I love; the mood and feelings are true to me – which matters most in piece like this as it is not a place that’s true to my heart.  To create an honest piece of art there has to come an inner feeling which is not always easy to tap into.

My sister now lives in the city of Glasgow, which gives me a connection and more reason to visit, explore and to hopefully gain an understanding of its culture.  I play classical guitar and one of my heroes, Augustin Barrios Mangore, once said, “you cannot be a guitarist if you haven’t bathed in the fountains of culture.”

I believe I cannot paint the city honestly until I have “bathed in the fountains of its culture.”  Couple that with the inner feelings that are true to me and I think I will have great art to share with the world…I hope anyway!


Words and Art by: Dale Bissland

Twitter: @dalebissland

Edited by: Beck Nickolls @artistscribbles


[i] “Moonlight in Longrigend” by Dale Bissland

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