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Press Release: The Artist’s Subconscious – Julio Cesario





“The liberty of the individual is no gift of civilization. It was greatest before there was any civilization.” Sigmund Freud

Introducing Julio Cesar Osorio an artist/painter who refined his artistic talent whilst serving a five-year prison sentence in some of Britain’s hardest jails.

His paintings touch on a range of feelings, internal conflicts, emotions and desires, that he depicted and documented as he progressed through his journey, exploring and developing his skill.

"Childhood Memory" by Julio Cesar Osorio

“Childhood Memory” by Julio Cesar Osorio

‘It wasn’t until I’d reached the depths of despair that art entered my life and gave me the salvation I needed’. Julio Cesar 

‘An artist not afraid to share his inner most thoughts, feelings and emotions’ Dean Stalham – Made Corrections

“You can see from [his work] what a creative and resourceful individual Julio is, and also how, despite limited, cramped circumstances, a dedicated, resilient person can find a means to creating great art.”

The Award winning artist would like to invite you along to: An event that “celebrates true freedom of expression.”

"Man Made Disasters" by Julio Cesar Osorio

“Man Made Disasters” by Julio Cesar Osorio



198 Shaftesbury Avenue

London WC2H 8JL

Tel: 020 7240 9933

Exhibition runs from 23nd of November to 31st of January.

Gallery opening times

Sunday: 12pm-10:30pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 12pm-11pm
Thursday: 12pm-12am
Friday, Saturday: 12pm-2am


All press inquiries welcome.

Mobile: 07852 666 177


Read more about Julio’s story here

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