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“It Does Not Matter Where We Come From” – Oscar Santasusagna’s message of peace

Oscar Santasusagna’s artwork “It Does Not Matter Where We Come From” was originally inspired by Catalonia, but in the light of global events, has a universal message.

“The original concept of this work arose from the political and social situation in Catalonia, where I live. There is a strong debate about the independence from Spain, based on several historical, economical and cultural points.

But, instead of painting about flags, with whom we can identify with or not, I chose to talk about what we all share in common: respect, even friendship, for people that have a different cultural or religious heritage or political points of view.

It sadly has coincided with the attacks in Paris and Beirut. The same message of communion and peace could apply.  The good people are those who think differently and believe another religion is not our enemy.”

“It does not matter where we come from” (acrylic on paper, 2015) by Oscar Santasusagna

“It Does Not Matter Where We Come From –
It Only Matters Where We Decide To Go Together”

Words and Art: Oscar Santasusagna
Editor: Beck Nickolls @becknickolls @artistscribbles

Read more about Oscar’s work here

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